Site 11b: Fresh Water Pond

Know ye the willow tree

Whose grey leaves quiver,

Whispering gloomily

To your pale river?

Lady, at even-tide

Wander not near it:

They say its branches hide

A sad lost spirit.

Williams Makepease Thackeray - The Willow-Tree

Site 11b sits to the west of a freshwater pond, believed to be a small kettle depression left in the earth by glaciation. This pond is home to many different species. While the Common Reed (Phragmites autralis) is found here near the waterline, visitors also have the chance to catch a glimpse of the native Broad-Leaved Cat-Tail (Typha latifolia) species living in the same area. The native cat-tail is a shorter species with traditional large, brown, puffy seed pods at the top of the stalks. 

Multiple green briers grow here, often mixed in with purple-berried plants called poke berries. Wild raspberries grow on the southeastern side of the pond - these raspberries can be picked in the summer time for a treat! The plant species diversity in this area attracts species of song birds. The common call of the red-wing blackbird is a beautiful sound to hear in this area in the late spring and throughout the summer months. 

Land of Fires - Site 11b