Site 3: A Pine Grove

In Winter, when the dismal rain

Came down in slanting lines,

And Wind, that grand old harper, smote

His thunder-harp of pines.

Alexander Smith - A Life Drama


You stand between two lines of tall pine trees. Note how this area is littered with fallen needles, creating a soft forest floor, which is dark and cool. Pine needles create acidic soil, which deters many species from growing in the shadow of the pines. However, poison ivy has established a strong hold here, even growing up some of the trees as vines.

White pines can be distinguished from other types of pine trees by examining the number of needles in a single cluster. White pines have five needles per cluster, easily remembered by naturalists because there are five letters in the word W-H-I-T-E. Other pine species have needles clustered by two or three. There are no pines with four-needle clusters.



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