Site 5: Briars and Brambles and a Pile of Dirt

O, how full of briers is this working-day world.

William Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing



At this site, right in front of you, stands out a large pile of dirt. The pile blocks your view of the school campus. Much of this dirt was placed here when the Lower School building (Perkins) was first built - the dirt is what remains of the material cleared for the foundation. 

Today, the dirt mound is covered in a thicket of thorny plants. Species that may be found here include greenbriars, brambles, raspberries, blackberries, and windberries. This area makes ideal feeding habitat for animals that can get through the dense vegetation. Birds make their way through the thorny branches to gather food. Deer will feed on the young stems as they grow in the spring. 

To get to the next site, walk to the front of the Hopelands building.  


Land of Fires - Site 5