Site 6: A Stately Elm

And the great elms o'erhead

Dark shadows wove on their aerial looms

Shot through with golden thread.

William Wadsworth Longfellow - Hawthorne


Site 6 is marked by a towering Elm (Ulmus americanus) tree. From a core sample of the wood taken in the 1990s, the tree is estimated to be over 100 years old. This species is part of the genus Ulmus, along with five other types of Elms. Once one of several Elms on campus, this lone tree is all that remains of their presence. Most of the Elms in North America were killed off in recent decades from the blight known as Dutch Elm disease caused by bark beetles. The Rocky Hill plant operations crew works tirelessly to protect the Elm so that it remains one of the natural gems on RHS campus. In the early fall, Convocation is held on the front lawn in the shade of the Elm. Similarly, the end of each school year is marked by the Commencement ceremony, also held below this beautiful tree.


Land of Fires - Site 6